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Wilmington NC Roofing Media

Wilmington Roofing Services

We offer long-term solutions over short-term satisfaction.

To Serve Contracting has quickly become one of Wilmington's elite roofing contractors over the past decade. From residential and commercial roofing to roof replacement services and roof repair, we have built a reputation of being highly professional and providing excellent customer service. Contact our roofing company for a free roofing estimate and let's get started on protecting your property!

To Serve Contracting provides a full range of roofing services in Wilmington, NC including commercial, multi-family and residential roofing. We play the long game with our customers which means that we care about how our work will hold up for years to come.

Unlike other contractors, our professional team prefers to target the root of a problem in your roofing system by offering a long-term solution. We don't believe in quick fixes and putting a band-aid on what may later lead to a full roof replacement. There are many roofing contractors out there that just want to make a quick buck by doing the quickest job possible with your roof. What sets us apart is that To Serve Contracting only provides quality workmanship without cutting corners.

To Serve Contracting provides a full range of roofing services in Wilmington, NC including commercial, multi-family and residential roofing. There is no such thing as a project too big or too small for our expert team to service. We welcome projects of all sizes.

Here are a few of our most popular Wilmington roofing services:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Repair
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Replacement
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Flat Roof Installation

The roofing services we offer are not limited to those listed above. If you have a Wilmington roofing service that wasn't mentioned, please give our roofing company a call to discuss your project and any questions you may have.

Residential Roofing Contractors Wilmington, NC

Your home is our responsibility.

Our roofing company is built upon a foundation of integrity, hard work, quality and impeccable customer service. We take pride in going above and beyond the average North Carolina roofing contractors, by looking at your house as if it were our own. When we meet you on-site for a free estimate, we thoroughly inspect your roof and recommend services we would request for our homes.

The roof of a house is difficult to see from the ground level, making it hard for customers to identify any damage or wear and tear. Our crew happily schedules free estimates and meets you on-site to thoroughly inspect the roof of your home. During the inspection of your roof, we make note of specific design elements, materials and the roofing system already in place. Doing so gives us a full understanding of the extent of work necessary, to be able to provide you with the most accurate quote for the job.

Call our certified and elite team today to get started on your new roof!

Inspecting Your Wilmington Roof

We provide a free estimate so homeowners can review a quote for the work required on their roof without pressure to execute services or commit to us as a roofing contractor. Our priority is customer service and making your house a home you take pride in. If you're still unsure of whether your roof requires service, these are a few visible signs of damage to your roof:

  • Ceiling Water Stains
  • Curling or Missing Shingles
  • Water Pooling
  • Downspouts are clogged with shingle debris
  • You notice shingle granules in your gutters when you cleaned them
  • Missing or loose flashing
  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Mold on the inside or outside of exterior walls

If you noticed any of the signs listed above in your home, we highly recommend you call our North Carolina roofing company as soon as possible. Signs of damage to your roof can become reasons for extensive repairs in the blink of an eye when left unrepaired. It's crucial to address any damage to your roof in a time-sensitive manner and review your options immediately to avoid it leading to a costly roof replacement.

Our company does a great job at responding to emergency requests for roof repairs and roof replacement, but homeowners should try to be diligent in maintaining their roofs. Roof maintenance has an added benefit when it comes to your insurance policy because it helps to reduce your annual premium. If your insurance company knows that you are consistently maintaining and protecting your roof, they are also more likely to approve a claim.

Roof Replacement is Our Specialty

Routine maintenance and roof inspections help to avoid replacing your roof, but what happens when you are beyond salvaging the structure of your existing roof? This is when you call To Serve Contracting. Although we do our best to help homeowners to avoid emergencies with their roofing systems, we are prepared and available immediately when absolutely necessary. Our team of roofing experts is well equipped with the understanding and efficiency required for emergency roofing replacement.

Due to the typically long lifespan of a roof, roof replacement isn't something customers experience on a regular basis or even at all. Choosing between contractors can be difficult when you don't know what to look for. This is where To Serve Contracting comes in to provide elite assistance and professionalism while completing your roofing replacement request.

We take into account what you would be spending to temporarily repair your roof in the short term that could be better allocated to replacing your roof for years to come. We are a full-service roofing business that can guide you through the entire undertaking of your roof and ensure that you receive services that fit your needs and your budget.

Commercial Roofing Replacement & Repairs Wilmington, NC

Commercial roofing often involves unique design elements, unique materials and complex systems. The more details or nuances with any structure, the more there can be to repair and maintain. Whether an intense natural disaster occurs in your area or years have gone by with no maintenance work done to your roof - it's important to know who to hire when problems arise with your roofing. Materials begin to age as the seasons change over the years, which can cause buckling of the material or missing segments.

Like any type of roofing, if a small leak or problem with your commercial roofing is left unresolved it can rapidly lead to a much bigger problem. Businesses depend on the facilities in which they operate to be safe for owners and employees. When a commercial structure fails and the owner is sifting through contractors for the job - businesses can wind up taking a huge loss.

With commercial roofing, materials like metal can be more durable but the roofing system is often quite complex, which makes choosing the right contractor crucial. A flat roof for example has extensive drainage systems in place to avoid water pooling after precipitation of any kind. Damage to that drainage system can cause the entire roof and moisture membranes to collapse. Our team is experienced in serving Wilmington with commercial roof restoration and roof repair work which allows us to quickly resolve severe damage.

Wilmington, North Carolina and its surrounding areas experience very hot humid weather as well as frigid and freezing conditions depending on the time of year. These dramatic extremes of the seasons require your commercial roof to protect the interior of your property from precipitation, moisture, strong UV rays, wind and more. Consistent maintenance of your roof allows you and your employees to report to work without worrying about roof deterioration threatening your safety.

The best practice with protecting your property and its roof is to seek repairs soon after noticing the need for service. The quicker you get the issue addressed, the more efficient the repair service will be. This also protects your business from any pauses or extended closure of your business operations. Owners should be familiar with a contractor they trust in order to call them immediately after realizing damage to their roofing.

To Serve Contracting is dedicated to serving Wilmington commercial properties nationwide and has done so for over a decade. From installing large metal roofing to repairing major leaks, we are a reputable company that customers can trust to keep their properties and employees safe. Contact our team to get provide a free estimate for your commercial project and get started on the job right away.

Roofing Contractors North Carolina

There is what feels like an infinite amount of contractors in North Carolina which can make deciding on which contractor to hire, difficult. We know there are some roofing contractors out there that will quote a lower price than us, but are they able to promise quality service and warranties? To make the choice easier we have included a gallery displaying the amazing and high-quality workmanship we provide in North Carolina as well as reviews from many of our customers.

Other businesses in the industry do not provide the warranties and elite workmanship that you can expect from To Serve Contracting. The cost of our services is justified through our certified staff, extensive experience, warranties and more. We are licensed and certified roofers that can handle all of your residential and commercial roofing needs.

Wilmington's Elite Roofing Company

Our business was founded with a vision of making the general contracting industry better. Our elite roofing team upholds the aspirations of our company by operating from an unmatched level of professionalism and customer service. We have become one of the best roofing companies in the Wilmington community through our hard work, quality employees and incredible customer experiences.

To Serve Contracting is a highly reputable roofing contractor that continues to stand out from our competition for over a decade. Our service-first approach to every project is what draws new customers in and our communicative team of experts is what keeps them. Our mission is to provide the best roofing for residential and commercial construction that Wilmington, North Carolina has to offer.

Other Cities We Serve in the Wilmington Area

Our services are not limited to the city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Over the years our company has provided roof installation, remodeling and repairs to other areas in North Carolina including Wrightsville Beach, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and more. We continue to expand the area we serve so if you are unsure of whether we service your area, please give our team a call.

We are a nationwide roofing company that serves locations throughout North Carolina, Minnesota and California. We've been in business for over a decade and have worked on all types of construction and roofing. Our success has allowed us to expand to the states we are currently certified in and will allow us to continue to expand even further in the future.

Wilmington, North Carolina's Most Dependable Roofing Contractor

Our customers in the Wilmington area leave us raving reviews long after we have completed their service and highly recommend us as a roofing contractor. Whether you are looking for a completely new asphalt shingle roof, service for your commercial project or help with your insurance claims - we are the roofing contractor for the job!

What customers say
about us

To Serve Contracting did an excellent job replacing our roof on our house this summer. Everyone that we worked with was wonderful and walked us through the process from start to finish.

Diana Leath

Our replacement roof was installed in a very timely and efficient manner. Even people in our neighborhood involved in the construction world made comment about how well it was done.

Steve Lehrer

Jake Earle was very knowledgeable about the products and explained everything perfectly to us. We felt very comfortable with the whole process. We highly recommend this company.

Susan Vonderau

I have always been suspect of glowing company  reviews online, and I suspect others have been as well. But, I am here to tell you, "To Serve Contracting", and Gregg are the real deal.

Joseph Gibbs

We recently had a roof replacement done by To Serve Contracting, LLC.  Our new roof looks great - job very well done by the crew.  Yard cleanup was excellent

Wanda Coleman

To Serve Contracting replaced my roof shingles in a most professional and timely job. "Bret" was very helpful with getting NC Wind & Hail insurance pool to assess the hurricane damage

Don Thompson

Very happy with to serve contracting. Greg helped us navigate through the process to have our roof replaced. The roofers arrived on time and completed the roof replacement in one day.

Rebecca Ryan

Very satisfied with the roof repair due to hurricane. Company was professional, efficient and worked a clean job-site. Excellent to deal with and competitive pricing.

Rob Zohne

To Serve Contracting proved to be a very professional and thorough company to work with. They were able to get us the roof that we needed in a prompt and courteous manner.

Mindy Marcantonio

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you local to Wilmington, NC?
To Serve Contracting has been in business for 10+ years and is local to Wilmington, NC. We are certified roofers in North Carolina, that provide quality roof repair and installation services. Our local crew understands the demands that will be made of your roof throughout the year with the variety of weather Wilmington receives. This is what allows us to build structurally safe and durable roofing systems that will last for years to come.

Because we are a part of the community, we are available long after fulfilling a repair request which gives customers ease in hiring our company for the job. There are countless roofing contractors in Wilmington, NC, especially after a natural disaster. It is very common for there to be a major increase in contractors offering installation and remodeling services after an area experiences severe weather. The issue with a roofing company that follows extreme weather from city to city is that they offer low prices to collect business but don't often understand the durability required in your area.  Our business is locally owned and operated and backed by top-rated warranties.

You may not immediately realize that the services provided to your roof are of poor quality and by the time you do, the cheaper roofing company is long gone. As a property owner or manager, you must hire a company that has been in business and locally, for a long time. This means that the business you work with will be available for follow-up after the roof has been completed and for years to come. Give us a call today to take advantage of the free estimates we offer and hire our reputable business to give you a less painful roofing process.
What kind of roofing materials do you use?
Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular choice of roofing material on the market in Wilmington, North Carolina but they aren't your only option. To Serve Contracting utilizes the most innovative and structurally durable materials on the market including:

Asphalt Shingles (most common), Wood Shingles, Clay Tiles, Slate, Metal Roofing

There are countless roofing materials on the market and we genuinely do it all. We only install top-of-the-line roofing products that make sense for the climate in Wilmington, North Carolina. Homes and commercial roofing projects in the area experience a variety in weather throughout the year. From intense heat and UV rays, rain, snow and strong winds your roof must be able to withstand the seasonal wear and tear. Choosing us as your repair contractor means choosing a business that understands repairing and restoring roofs of differing materials.

Our crew remains up to date with consistent training on how to approach the installation of different materials while catering to the unique design elements of each project. If there is a roofing material that wasn't listed above that you are interested in installing for your new roof, give our team a call to discuss your request. We bring a positive attitude to every job, including work and materials that are new to us.

Regardless of what you are looking for with your project, we recommend giving us a call and getting estimates with different materials to weigh your options. The contractor you choose should have experience serving Wilmington, North Carolina to give you the best advice when choosing a practical material for your roof.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
For all full roof replacement projects, To Serve Contracting provides a 2-year workmanship warranty and guarantee that ensures full customer protection in case of installation errors committed by our crew. While we’re committed to excellence in craftsmanship, we place these safeguards because we value our customers’ safety and satisfaction above all.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

What this means is that without charge, we will repair or replace defective parts of your roof within these 2 years. We certify that our work is completed to the utmost quality and industry standards but if for whatever reason components fail, we are ready and available to remedy the issue.

Every material we install comes with its own manufacturer's warranty. These tend to vary depending on the chosen material and the manufacturer who produced it, Most materials are covered by warranty for 20 years and can be up to as long as 50 years.

Do you have more questions?
If you have additional questions outside of those listed above, be sure to get in touch with our professional roofing company. Our crew and staff are thrilled to resolve any concerns you may have regarding your next project.